The mobile counselling centre pro aktiv gegen rechts (pro active against right-wing extremism) changed from VAJA e.V. to the LidiceHaus on 01.01.2020 and continues its work under the name Mobiles Beratungsteam gegen Rechtsextremismus in Bremen und Bremerhaven (MBT).

The organisational and content-related work of MBT is independent of party politics and institutions and is financially supported by the federal programme Demokratie leben! and the Senatorin für Arbeit, Soziales, Jugend und Integration.

MBT offers counselling, moderation, support, intervention, dialogue and networking as well as research and educational work on the topics of right-wing extremism, racism, anti-Semitism and all forms of group-based hostility towards people.

The counselling services are aimed equally at multipliers and educational professionals, committed young people and individuals as well as employees from the areas of schools, youth welfare, district work, social, religious and cultural institutions as well as companies, trade unions and municipal bodies.

The foundations of Mobile Counselling against Right-Wing Extremism are based on a concept that has been continuously developed since the early 1990s within the framework of a nationwide structure. The guiding principle of this concept and the work of the Mobile Counselling Team against Right-Wing Extremism in Bremen and Bremerhaven is the promotion and strengthening of democratic culture. Democracy is seen as a participatory process that includes all parts of society. The work of the MBT is therefore geared towards a community based on solidarity, which is to be empowered from within to react sustainably to threats of right-wing extremism, racism, anti-Semitism and manifestations of group-based hostility towards human beings.